Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mann Family History

Mann Family History 13 Jul, 2008 9:41 AM
The jats of the Punjab are divided into some 90 tribes with numberless sub divisions. Of these, the three oldest & from whom many of the others have descended are the tribes Mann, Haer & Bhullar.When the ancestors of the mann jats emigrated to the Panjab.They were orignally Rajputs,and inhabited the country about delhi,and to this day near Jaipur,Thakur Mann Rajputs are to be found.Of this tribe and caste are Many famillies distinguished in Punjab history.There is the Amritsar family of Mananwala,The Gujaranwala family of mogalchak,while to other branch Khan Singh Mann of multan celebrity and his gallant cousin Bhag Singh belonged.Chief of the Ramnagar branch was Sardar Desa Singh Mann,Kardar of the Ramnagar Parganna,whose great grandson Ganda Singh,the only representative of the family, is living great poverty at Amritsar. Of the Mann-blood,also,are the once powerful houses of Bhagga and Malwa,now represented by Sardar Bhup Singh Dabbanwala and Sardar Sarup SinghMalwai.Ladda,the founder of the Mogalchak family,left Delhi in the year of a great drought and famine,and settled in the waste country near Gujranwala,where he found the little village of Mann,and was made headman over a circle of 22 Villages. This office of Chowhri remained in the family for many generations till the decline of the Muhammadan power. Nikka,the fourth in descent from ladda, founded the village of Nikka Mann ,but this soon passed out of his hands on account o a failure to meet the government demand and Mir Hamaza ,Governer of Imanabad,gave it to his brother Mirza Kilah,who destroyed it and built hard by a new village which is called mogalchak. this village the Mann family purchased latter from the descedants of of Mirza Kilah,and here they now reside. Sarja Singh is said to have been a follower of Sardar Charat Singh Sukhchakia ,but little is known about him. He died in 1763 ,leaving four sons Jai Singh, Mana Singh, Nar singh and Pahar singh.

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