Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mana Singh Mann

Mana Singh Mann13 Jul, 2008 9:35 AM
Mana Singh: Like his other brothers, he was a subordinate chief in the following of Sardar Mahan Singh Sukarchakia, from whom he received the estates of Pindori Kalan, Pindori Khurd and others. On his death in 1807 his elder son Sadda Singh succeeded to all his jagirs, and to the command of the contingent. This young man distinguished himself in the Kashmir campaign where he was four times wounded, and received for his services a share in the Mannawar Ilaka worth Rs.12000. Sadda Singh died childless and Mannawar with other of his jagirs was resumed; but his brother Amir Singh, the handsome most man in the Khalsa army, was made a general and large estates were granted to him. The third son Sham Singh was created a Colonel on Rs.5000 per annum, and Hukum Singh a commandant. In 1840 Amir Singh died without issue; and his jagir of Rs.11000 was assigned to his brother Budh Singh with the rank of general. Amir Singh’s battalion, consisting of four infantry regiments, one cavalry regiment and two troops of artillery, was also placed under his command. Budh Singh had at this time being 24 years in the Sikh army. He had first entered it in 1816, as an orderly (Senapati, Chief) of the Maharaja, on Rs3800 per annum, and this post he had held for five years. He had then, on his brother Sadda Singh’s death received command of 30 horsemen, with a jagir of Rs. 17000 and after this had been commandant and colonel in General Court’s brigade, on Rs.4015. Under Maharaja Sher Singh his emoluments were reduced, for he was brother-in-law of Sardar Attar Singh Sidhanwalia and Sher Singh’s policy, at the commencement of his reign was to destroy the power of Sidhanwalia house. Budh Singh served throughout the Satlej campaign, and shortly after its close he was reduced to the rank of a colonel in the Mann battalion and sent with Sher Singh

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