Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Mann Family of Mann-wala

The Mann Family of Mannawala, Sheikhupura.

History of this great family shall appear here very soon......

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Rana said...

My father Sardar Rajwant Singh Mann, Rt.Chief Engineer BHEL Hardwar,date of birth Aug15th,1921, is a childhood friend of Sardar Trilochan Singh Mann. We live in Virginia.
Phone # 703 494 1617

Damaneek said...

hi.. i am Damaneek Mann from Talanian distt. Fatehgarh sahib.. i belong to the same family tree as you have up here..
my ancestors were too from Mannawala dist Shekhupura undivided india..
I am from
it would be really nice to know more about you.. i hope to hear from you.. and we could may be exchange our family history notes.. :)
cant tell how delighted i was to read this blog of yours..
my id is
hope to hear from you.. tc!

p.s.mann said...


I am Pahar Singh Mann from Kotla Bajwara Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib. I am too part of the family tree you have shown up in yuor blog. My ancestors were too from Mannawala(Gujranwala, now in Pakistan). I am from below clan

SARJA SINGH>PAHAR SINGH>HARI SINGH>PARTAP SINGH>IQBAL SINGH>GURCHARAN SINGH(my grandfather)>KARMINDER SINGH(my father)>Pahar SINGH (me, my grandfather named me after the great Pahar Singh Mann)

I came to know the whole history about my clan from my grandfather,father, uncle and a famous book(Khalsa Raj De Ussarayie by Baba Prem Singh Hoti). But history of parallel clans was unknown to me. Thanks for the family tree.

It was really a happy moment to know someone who has the same roots. Do you have any other history notes/photographs( specially of pahar singh mann). If you have anything to share,please mail me at

Really an informative blog of all those who have contributed alot for the Khalsa Raj, but they are unknown figures to people, not even people, but to their descendants too.

stay in touch
pahar singh mann

bittoo singh said...

sat sri akal ji

my family is also from manawala bar jila shekhupura west pakistan

we r not mann but good relation with mann

my father said mann family is very rich in mannawala
now many rich family in karnal

i meet some man in ludhian sant bhuri wale gurudwara sahib


hi aman.great to see your posts.quite surprising that none in my family ever got to know that part of our manawala family is also staying in Sirsa!You have motivated me to start up on similar lines so is a step in that share more details of the sirsa family.Hope to hear from you soon.

Unknown said...

Hello, I am Olivia Mann. My grandfather was Jagot Singh Mann but I have no information other than he was from India.
Are you familiar with his name? Thank you for your help.